In order to attract new customers’ online casinos offers different types of bonuses; this not only helps to get new customers but also stops attrition of existing customers. There are varieties of casino bonuses available. Sticky bonus is one of the most popular and common bonus that casinos offers to their customers. This bonus has its own advantages and disadvantages so it is good to be aware of them.

Definition of Sticky Casino Bonus

Phantom bonus is the other name for sticky casino bonus also referred as non-cashable bonus. The bonuses are utilized for wagering purpose only and you cannot get cash against it. As the name suggests the bonus gets stuck in the players casino account and can be used to wager until the bonus is finished. Once the bonus gets finished or the player makes any withdrawal it is a loss for the player. Bonus hunting is made difficult so that patrons are not much encouraged to join the online casino with the thought of making quick and easy money.

Sticky Casino Bonus usage

Sticky bonuses always have more advantage than non-sticky bonuses (or cash bonuses). The bonus amount is huge than the non-sticky bonuses and thus it becomes difficult for you to withdraw. Sticky casino bonus offers 300% where as non-sticky bonus offers 100% in normal. The 300% sticky casino bonus is however quite rare to find. On the other hand wagering necessity for sticky bonuses is lower than non-sticky bonuses. In other word you spend much less money and can withdraw the winning amount easily. Until you make any withdrawal or your account gets expired you can easily use your casino sticky bonuses. This helps you in a situation when if you lose at any point of time you might have the opportunity to get a makeover. In other word during a losing situation the sticky casino bonuses might act as a savior for a player.

The more eagerly and dangerously you play the chances of you to win becomes greater, also it increases your using of sticky bonuses. The higher amount you bet the chances of you to win is more than betting lower amounts for a longer period of time. Playing in a restricted manner increases the risk rate of your sticky casino bonuses due to negative calculation of the online casino games.

How to claim a Sticky Casino Bonus

The procedure to claim sticky casino bonus is the same like other casino bonuses yet there are certain difference that are added to it. Player needs to go to the online casino cash counter and select the deposit method. Once the selection is done you can deposit the same in your account. Sometimes for security bonus code is asked for in order to claim your casino bonus, though most of the times it is automatically awarded to you. Once this procedure is done you become eligible to play. One important thing that you must know is the wager and its requirements in order to claim the same after you win